From Bloating to Bliss: 7 Ways to keep your gut healthy

7 Ways to keep your gut healthy

The phrase “gut health” is one that is frequently used. What is it? Gut health is the state of having a healthy digestive system, which comprises the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine. It concerns the harmony of helpful bacteria in the gut as well as the durability of the gut lining. Since it affects many elements of our general health, including digestion, food absorption, immune function, and even mental health, good gut health is vital for the foundation of your health.

When the beneficial and possibly hazardous bacteria and yeast in your digestive tract are in balance, you have good gut health. In actuality, the gut houses 80% of your immune system. Consequently, if your gut isn’t in good shape, your immune system will not function properly and you might get sick. 

Maintaining excellent gut health is preferable and beneficial for our general wellbeing. Since seasonal changes might have an impact on gut health, it is crucial to keep an eye on it. 

7 Ways to keep your gut healthy 

The immune system may temporarily deteriorate with seasonal changes, diet preferences, lack of attention towards health, leaving the gut more vulnerable to infections and other problems.

A balanced diet may enhance the gut bacteria that are all necessary for maintaining gut health. To enjoy the undisrupted energy and vibe in the air , you should certainly follow these 7 dietary rules to keep your gut health up to the mark.

1. Stay hydrated

Water is the essence of life and crux of over all good health throughout the year. Moreover, hydration helps gut to function properly. To avoid becoming dehydrated, consume 8 to 10 glasses of filtered water daily.

Drink herbal teas, soups, and fresh fruit juices to maintain the balance of your electrolytes. Health beverages offer vital vitamins and nutrients required for the growth and development, fostering gut health.

2. Eat warm and light meals

The risk of food contamination regularly increases. Eat clean, fresh, warm, and light food to stave off diseases and food-borne infections. Give fruits and vegetables a thorough wash before eating or cooking. Choose freshly prepared, home-cooked meals. If possible, eat a few light meals during the day. 

3. Emphasise fiber-rich foods

You must add fiber to your diet when the temperature rises. You can get relief from digestive tract problems and maintain gut health by eating foods high in fiber. Consuming a high-fiber diet can protect your stomach and keep your digestive system healthy.

4. Consume probiotic-rich foods

A probiotic-rich diet may have a number of positive health effects. Live bacteria known as probiotics have positive effects on health when taken. These helpful bacteria have a variety of strong advantages for enhancing immunity and improving digestion. Consuming probiotic enriched foods are best gift to your gut health.

5. Get probiotics

Relying on supplements containing probiotics, living bacteria that are identical to the helpful germs that naturally colonise the human body. Although probiotic products have been around for thousands of years, the market for commercially produced probiotic supplements is currently expanding.

Prebiotics that encourage the growth or activity of advantageous bacteria, are also present in many of these products. These are absolutely necessary to maintain optimal gut health all year long.

6. Avoid heavy, fried, and processed foods

You always want good cuisine or a take away or crave for street foods often. However, some foods should be avoided because they may harm your health. 

Similarly, it is acceptable to occasionally indulge in fried or processed meals, but you should watch the amount you eat because excessive or frequent consumption might upset your stomach in a number of ways. For the benefit of your digestive system’s health, limit your consumption of fried and processed foods and stay away from heavy meals.

7. Practice mindful eating

When you eat with awareness, you make the best decisions for your gut health by using all of your senses—physical and emotional—to enjoy the foods you choose.  Making decisions that are both satiating and nourishing to the body is encouraged by mindful eating.

The objective is to encourage more enjoyable mealtimes and increase awareness of how your diet affects your gut, immunity, and other aspects of your body and mind.


Here, attention is paid on aspects like what to eat, why to eat, what to eat, how much to eat, and how to eat for keeping your gut health at par. Afterall, food is essential for the organs to work properly, nourishment and growth of the body, not to lay on bed as a consequence of some illness or sickness related to your gut because of it.

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